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Want To Generate An Income With A Blog?

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*Everything is included… Just add your details and start selling!


The DFY M.B Business

M.B stands for Marketing Blog… It is a blog with ready-made guides/articles. landing pages and digital products that generate you an income… And…

It’s Done For You

It is a true simple web business (Done For Your) you can launch in the next hours/days (read the steps).

Easy To Launch

Pick a domain name, add your payment info, edit some info, and that’s it… By tomorrow you are in business

It Is Economic

No need to break the bank, no upfront payment… Launch for as low as €100 €50 €35… Yep, you read that well.

Start Selling Fast

To sell fast, all you have to do is follow our instructions, edit some content, and that’s it, you are in business.

It Is Profitable

To generate a certain monthly recurring income, get a certain number of monthly buying members.

It Is Easy To Sell

Because your pricing will start as low as a Starbucks price, marketing and selling your offer will be easy.

And concretely…

How Does This Work?

Just follow these three steps to start selling.


Order Your M.B

Order one of the available M.B packs, and you will get:

  • A full M.B hosted and configured for you.
  • Your M.B comes loaded with various up to date marketing guides/articles.
  • The M.B comes with sales pages, digital products to sell, landing pages, and various lead magnets.
  • More material will be delivered to you monthly (read F.A.Q below).

To generate an income, start promoting your blog articles, landing pages, and products while collecting emails.


Add And Edit

To be ready to sell in few days, you will have to:

  • Get your affiliates links from known affiliate platforms.
  • Join Mailerlite or Mailchimp (free) and create your email forms.
  • Add your email forms to your landing pages and marketing guides/articles.
  • Structure simple marketing funnels (guides, articles > collet emails > landing pages > product sales page).

Start promoting right away.


Start Selling Fast

Because it is a blog, there is no need to have many marketing guides/articles ready in advance, use the one already set up for you so… Concretely, you can start selling right after step two by:

  • Use your simple marketing funnels.
  • Share your full marketing guides/articles on social media to get traffic.
  • Collect emails of your readers by promoting your landing pages inside the guides/aricles.
  • Direct your subscribers to your digital products sales pages links.
  • Send your readers your affiliates links.

That’s it, you are already in business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a demo of the blog?

Yes, there is, click here to visit the demo blog.

What do I need to launch my Blog?

As it is a Done For You business, we handle almost everything… You just need to choose a domain name while ordering, add your logo, have a Paypal account to receive payments, and structure your simple funnels as explained… That’s it.

How will you deliver the content?

The DFY marketing blog already includes the free guides/ articles, the landing pages, the sales pages, the terms pages… And the digital products to sell will be available inside your client account.

When will I get all the blog content?

This M.B contains many guides/articles/digital products to sell, so the first ones will be delivered the first month you are with us, the rest in the next two months.

Why do I get the content in three parts?

We do that to avoid overwhelming you and to protect ourselves against the 30-day money-back guarantee abuse.

What E-mail should I use in my blog?

With this DFY blog, you get access to your web hosting with a Cpanel, so we recommend that you create one or a few e-mails and use them for your business (it is more professional to use dedicated emails than free ones).

What kind of guides and articles do I get?

All the free guides/articles and the digital products to sell are related to web marketing… and of course, you can add yours too… Please visit the demo blog to have an idea.

I have a question, how to contact you?

Try to find the answer you seek in our Knowledge base, if not, use the live chat, or the support tickets system.

Ready To Launch?

If yes, Get your DFY Marketing Blog today.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

DISCLAIMER: We are not implying you’ll succeed with your first DFY web business; We are using the reference (generate a recurring income or generate an income) for promotion purposes only; Your results will vary and depend on many factors… Including but not limited to your web and marketing knowledge, experience, and work ethic; Like in real life, any business endeavor will involve risk (waste of time & the cost of the monthly service provided) and require a consistent action towards your goals. If that’s not something you’re willing to accept, the DFY web business service provided by Kydma company is not a good fit for you.